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Intense Moisture - Organic Greek Oil Blend 4 oz

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  • DEEP MOISTURIZER - Contains 4 natural raw ingredients including Extra Virgin Olive, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Vitamin E & Lavender Essential Oil. Best Moisturizer for face, skin, dry hair, scalp, Nails & feet. 
  • Ancient Greek Remedy Oil is made of a 100% pure blend of Cold Pressed Olive, Organic Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Vitamin E & Lavender Essential Oil. 
  • Moisturizer hydrates for visibly softer & smoother skin. Calms skin irritation, hives & reduces cystic acne. Nourishes & restores entire body moisture after sun damage & sunburn. Helps smooth fine lines & gets rid of age dark spots & wrinkles. All of these benefits with no harmful chemicals. AVOID STRETCH MARKS.
  • NATURAL HAIR & SCALP CARE - 100% natural hair moisturizer provides scalp treatment for all hair types include wavy, curly, and straight hair. Use daily for dry scalp or flaky scalp for soft and longer rich hair. Ideal for rejuvenating & thickening of weak thin brittle hair. Moistens and nourishes dry flaky scalp. Stops chronic scalp itch for immediate and long-lasting itchy scalp relief. The best hair dandruff oil & effective natural dandruff treatment.
  • DRY HANDS, CUTICLE & NAIL CARE - Effective hand moisturizer that treats dry cracked hands caused by weather conditions or excessive work. CUTICLES SOFTENER - use as Cuticle remover oil, cuticle conditioner, cuticle repair, safe alternative to cuticle cream. NAIL HARDENER - Best nail moisturizer & nail strengthener, Ideal for nourishing of weak short nails. Nail treatment for nail growth Promotes strong nails, fungal free nails. faster results than nail cream with no chemicals.
  • PSORIASIS, ROSACEA & ECZEMA TREATMENT - Ideal for scalp psoriasis, skin psoriasis & nail psoriasis. FOR ECZEMA - safe all-natural alternative to eczema cream and eczema lotion. ROSACEA CARE- daily rosacea moisturizer for rosacea relief. a natural solution for alopecia, seborrheic & atopic dermatitis. 
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