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Blackhead Remover - 4 Modes

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  • PORE VACUUM IS THE WISER WAY TO GET RID OF BLACKHEADS: Our ONFLY blackhead remover uses concentrated suction to extract blackheads, grease, and gunk at their source without the risk to your pores that comes from trying to force them out by hand.
  • SELECT THE RIGHT NOZZLE TO GET THE JOB DONE: The ONFLY blackhead vacuum comes with 4 kinds of nozzles that are designed to be used on different types of blemishes. Choose smaller attachments for single, pin-sized spots and larger attachments for big clogs and troublesome clusters.
  • PRO TIP: GET YOUR PORES OPEN UP BEFORE VACUUMING: Use a facial steamer or hot towel for 10 minutes to warm your face and opens up your pores to soften blackheads, making them easier and less painful to remove. Place the nozzle directly over the already-loosened blackhead and move the blackhead remover from up to down to get the best result.
  • 4 STRENGTHS OF SUCTION AVAILABLE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS: Too much suction or pressure could cause bruises on the skin. This blackhead-sucking pore vacuum provides 4 strengths of suction. We suggest starting with the softest suction level slowly and gently and find the one that fits you the most. Please limit your blackhead removing to once a week for dry skin and twice for oily skin.
  • CLEANSING AND PROTECTING YOUR SKIN: Always remember to clean the nozzle after each use. Built-in USB rechargeable battery so you don't have to waste money on batteries. Buy with confidence, enjoy 6 months no reason exchange, replacement, or refund.



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